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Volvo is surprised by appeal of PHEV xc90!

Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:03 pm

Volvo completely underestimated PHEV appeal of new XC90

The company is preparing to launch its new three-row XC90 in the United Kingdom with a four-cylinder petrol engine, a four-cylinder diesel and a gas-powered, plug-in hybrid, which won't actually be available until later this year. Naturally, the company put together a projected take rate for each engine, with the most powerful and expensive engine, the 390-horsepower plug-in, accounting for just three to five percent of sales. They were wrong.

"We were planning on a three to five per cent take rate of this model," Volvo UK's managing director, Nick Connor, told Auto Express. "But our current rate on sold orders is over 20 per cent. We underestimated it." In this case, "underestimate" might be an understatement. The XC90 PHEV is sold out deep into 2016.

I hope the Volvo PHEV doesn't end up the same as the Outlander PHEV - where European success is so great that they can't fill enough orders to bother bringing it stateside!

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Re: Volvo is surprised by appeal of PHEV xc90!

Tue Aug 11, 2015 3:47 am

Still no word on release dates or prices on the XC90 PHEV anywhere?

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