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XC90 Twin Engine Inscription first drive from AutoCar

Thu Mar 05, 2015 5:55 pm

Their biggest complaint is the brake pedal feel between regen and normal braking modes.


Good, but there’s work still to be done. Volvo knows it, to be fair, and says it has time to sort what is, at the moment, sometimes jerky progress. The worst of it is extremely poor brake pedal feel, as it slips between regenerative braking and conventional braking.

It shows promise, though, and is brisk. What it lacks is the aural quality to match big, vee-shaped engines, but if you’re a sucker for a big engine, Volvo is content to admit that maybe it’s not the brand for you.

Should I buy one?:

As is often the way with a plug-in hybrid, it’s the financial advantages or fuel benefits for a specific set of customers where it appeals most. But if the drivetrain is tuned properly between now and when it goes on sale, there’s no reason this XC90 shouldn’t be as good as the rest – and it’s an exceptionally good car.

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